Steve Aoki, Jim Krueger

Publication Date: April 9, 2024
Cover Artist: Lip Wei Chang
Genre: Science Fiction
Hard Cover: Soft Cover Foil Part Prose, Part Graphic Novel
Rated: Teen

What would you sacrifice to save the world?

HiROQUEST THE GRAPHIC NOVEL is the story of a genetically augmented meta-human named Hiro who travels into the multiverse four hundred years into the future to save Earth from a disaster it cannot avoid. From mutants to robots to zombies to aliens, witches and more, it’s a quest for ten rings of tremendous power from ten different worlds that will be needed to save our world from certain disaster.

It’s an epic journey that will require the hero named Hiro to be cursed to save the lives of
billions on Earth. A story of heroism, wonder, betrayal and finally revelation.

This is the hero’s journey. This is Hiro’s quest.

Part One: Genesis

Part Two: Double Helix

Imagined by the mind of Steve Aoki. And written by New York Best-selling Author Jim Krueger, this is an epic unlike any other.

HIROQUEST graphic novel portion was achieved with a group of over 20 artists. Credits page in the previews to learn more about our amazing collective of creatives who lent their talents to this project. 

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