Herø Projects & Mutant Cats DAO

Mutant Cats



Morgan Rosenblum, Matthew Medney


Alex Arizmendi


Rob Jones

Publication Date: 8/6/24
Cover Artist: Alex Arizmendi
Genre: Science Fiction
Hard Cover: Graphic Novel
Rated: Youth + 

Flux is just your everyday cat, a supervisor at Mutant Labs, clawing his way through corporate life and a hairball of a marriage. His team? Muse, a genius with a phobia of risks, and Sphinky, the intern whose elevator doesn't quite hit the top floor.

Their latest brainchild? The Cluster, a device that's a hop, skip, and a jump away from either lighting up the city or blowing up the space-time continuum. After unleashing cosmic chaos, complete with dimension-hopping apes and a beast named Mukonga, it's a race through the absurd to patch up the universe.

Buckle up for a story that's part science, part comedy, and completely off the rails.

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